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AmiSight 1/22: The New "Office Hours" Webinar, Where You Are the Subject Matter

Do you have questions about your growth goals and how to reach them?

"Office Hours: Strategy & Coaching Session"—MultiFunding's latest webinar in the Entrepreneurial Tool Kit Series—gives entrepreneurs a chance to ask Ami Kassar anything about what keeps them up at night regarding their business.

During this time of economic uncertainty and market instability, business growth is a must. As founder and CEO of MultiFunding, Ami speaks with entrepreneurs daily and listens to concerns about how to fund growth, such as whether to expand through an acquisition or how to prepare for an exit.

Everything that will be discussed in the webinar remains confidential, so bring your concerns and questions and learn how to begin your long-term growth goals. Join Ami at noon EST this Wednesday. Click the button below to register.

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