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AmiSight 1/30: The Business Encore: Transforming Theatrical Talent into Professional Triumph

In this week's edition of the AmiSights Podcast, we talk to Stacee Mandeville, founder of The Mandeville Method, a three-pillar soft skills approach that helps teams communicate with clarity and authority, use emotional intelligence to reduce stress, and develop personal influence to build relationships. 

“Everything the Mandeville Method does is concrete, actionable, practical. We talk about soft skills, but I concretize them so that you can do it,” she said. “I bridge the gap between knowing what to do and how to do it.” 

The main topics of today's episode will be:

  • How Stacee translated her gift to communicate into a business.

  • How to communicate effectively through Zoom or other virtual platforms.  

  • How to adjust your facets in certain situations without being inauthentic.

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