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AmiSight 10/15: Thank You Entrepreneurs Organization

I have spent the last five days with many friends from the Entrepreneurs Organization at their regional conferences in New Orleans and Lake Tahoe. The event and community around them have been exhilarating and exhausting. Later next week, I will join friends in Washington D.C.

For anyone who does not know about Entrepreneurs Organization, I encourage you to learn more. It is a non-profit member-based organization of entrepreneurs worldwide who get together to learn and develop together in many different ways. Being a member of EO has helped me in multiple ways on both the personal and business level.

Being an entrepreneur is lonely, and sometimes you have no idea what to do. EO provides a community to help you figure it out and not feel alone along the way. And like everything else in life, the more you give, the more you get. So to all my friends in EO, thank you for all the help you have given me along the way.

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