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AmiSight 10/4: Understanding Your Business Through A New Framework

This week on the AmiSights podcast, I sat down with Jeff Bruno, the founder, and CEO of B.Modelr.

Over the past 18 months, Jeff describes his journey of rebranding from Your Outsourced CFO to B.Modelr - or Business Modeler. “We are business model specialists who use modeling, measurement, and analysis to glean insight, illustrate logic, gauge [business] performance, and inform decision making.”

B.Modelr is based out of Philadelphia and works with companies across the nation. Jeff explains that his team helps companies find clarity on their business concept, focus on the highest value areas, and ensure that quantitative analysis supports decision-making.

"Before, we were doing ad hoc strategy, fixing financial management and processes, and helping companies with their thought process on historical financials and where they think they might want to go. Some strategy thought processes, but nothing was integrated into a framework. What we're doing now is different in that we threw out the idea of financial management, and now we come at it from performance management - specifically business performance management. We help companies figure out how their concept can be translated into the metrics that matter to help them effectively manage performance."

Jeff illustrates how his framework provides entrepreneurs the clarity for improved decision-making. "If you want to understand your business, how to rebuild for the most value, how to reposition yourself for the growth you envision - that's B.Modelr.”

Tune in to learn how to manage your company's performance.

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