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AmiSight 12/20: This Weekend Marked The 12th Anniversary of My Pink Slip

Twelve years ago, I lost my big fat corporate job. I was the Chief Innovation Officer of the largest issuer of credit cards to small businesses in the United States. We had 1,000,000 customers, about $1 Billion of market cap, and approximately 1,000 employees, and we were completely decimated in the great recession.

Before it was my turn to be let go, I helped let go over 900 people. It was hands down the most brutal professional experience I ever had. And then my turn came.

On a Friday, I was let go, and on Saturday, I started working on MultiFunding. Six weeks later, we launched the company.

I think the biggest lessons I have learned are:

  • Never cry over spilled milk. Keep moving forward.

  • Building a company is a marathon, not a sprint. At least as how I see the world.

  • Love what you do, or it's not worth it. It will be longer, more challenging, and more complex than you can ever imagine.

  • Build a team around you that complements your skills and take care of them. You need them to want to love to come to work and feel good about what you do.

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21 de dez. de 2021

Ami -

Thank you for sharing. Really appreciate hearing how others have taken a gut punch and turned it into a better opportunity for themselves and their family......your the best!

- Christopher

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