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AmiSight 3/28: When Choosing Your Growth Lane: You Have to Factor in Happiness as Well

As many of you know, I have been working lately with a new velocity matrix system, that helps an entrepreneur build three growth lanes, and pick the one that makes them “sleep well at night”. The way the system loosely works, you build three investment scenarios for your company, figure out what you think will work for you, and then review different options for financing them. The model encourages you to balance risk and reward.

Last week in Rochester, while doing a live Growth Lane workshop, I realized there is an important element that needs to also be considered. When you pick your growth lane you need to think about how hard you want to work, and your work / life balance.

Remember: there are other options besides rapid growth that are perfectly acceptable.

Interested in learning more about The Velocity Matrix: join us for an online Aminar this Wednesday at noon. Sign up for free here:

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