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AmiSight 3/8: Are We Entering the Age of Real-Time Performance Assessments?

The days of the annual performance review in a stiff, and sometimes uncomfortable and one-sided, meeting with your manager may be falling to the wayside as a new generation of leaders hope candid, real-time assessments become more relevant.


The Wall Street Journal takes a look at how some companies are making their workplaces more transparent, including by using sticky notes during meetings and AI evaluations to keep employees constantly informed of their performance. 


Companies are starting to train employees on how to give feedback to their peers and managers. Some of the tactics include pausing meetings to share real-time critiques, using artificial intelligence to evaluate workers’ emails, and videoconferencing meetings to give performance assessments.


Leaders are hoping such feedback will allow workers to lose the fear of retribution for speaking up about their peers’ work and hear the good and the bad more often, in turn giving everybody the opportunity to make changes year-round and become more productive.

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