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AmiSight 4/28: A Ray of Hope in Langa Township

South Africa is a magnificent country. And yet, with all the beauty, there is profound sadness. Poverty, crime, and corruption are everywhere. Yet, you feel like you are in the most beautiful country in the world that could explode in some way at any time.

We found a ray of hope on Wednesday night when we rallied about 60 Entrepreneur Organization members to come to Mzansi Restaurant in Langa townships. We wanted to go and explore the "true" local culture.

Sadly, the "mama" and founder of Msanzi is in Hospice Care in a hospital in Cape Town. We wish her well. While it would have been amazing to meet her, we met her husband and her kids, Sabu and Mbasa Siyaka. Mbasa runs the restaurant, and Sabu now has a transportation company that organized vans to get us there.

We arrived and were escorted into the restaurant, and the gates were shut. We ate delicious food and listened to beautiful music. But the most inspiring of all was how Sabu explained how their mom and dad started the restaurant, the principles they taught them, and how they marketed it. Deep in the poverty of the township, they have a thriving business.

Sabu doesn't know it yet, but soon he will be a guest on the AmiSights podcast. We should all stay focused on the primary and fundamental lessons his mama taught him.

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