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AmiSight 4/5: From Mentee to Mentor

“There are different types of mentors. Some tell what to do. Others teach what and how to do it. Third tell why, how and what.  And then there are those who will introduce you to you, so in any situation you know why, how and what."

This quote from Natalia Mateeva prompted some reflection on the ultimate purpose of mentorship – an important relationship in both business and life.

The role of a mentor and the needs of a mentee are ever evolving – changing frequently and inherently nuanced. Mateeva's perspective not only breaks down levels of efficiency in mentorship, but also provides a skeletal structure for guidance, regardless of the details of our objectives. So what is the ultimate goal of mentorship? These are my thoughts:

A delegating boss tells you what to do. A basic instructor tells you what to do and teaches you how to do it. An effective teacher tells you what to do, teaches you how to do it, and explains why it has purpose behind it.

And a mentor, a coach whose purpose is to help bring you to levels you were always meant to arrive at, will show you how to find all three of these roles within yourself, because through maturity and life experience you will come to find that the best mentor for yourself will eventually be you.

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