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AmiSight 5/22: Decoding Risk: Exploring the Entrepreneurial Mindset

I'm excited to introduce a new project that my Chief of Staff and I have been working on for the past few months. The relationship between entrepreneurship and risk is undeniable, and if you've watched my "EntreTypes" webinar, you know that we've briefly looked into risk profiles to determine what classification of entrepreneurship people fit into. However, we're now curious to learn more about what creates that risk profile and what it looks like in action.

How do entrepreneurs engage with risk? What is “risk” to entrepreneurs, and how does it differ from those who chose corporate careers? Who are they in the present moment, and how is that related to life experience as an adolescent? When is risk necessary, and when is risk a game? How does the community increase or mitigate risk? These are the questions we seek to explore.

So far, we've spoken to some great friends, colleagues, and innovators, and we're looking forward to sharing their stories, thoughts, and philosophies on risk.

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