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AmiSight 5/24: Secure Horizons: Exploring Career Intentions of 2024 Graduates

Recently, I came across an article on LinkedIn by Melissa Cantor, shedding light on the aspirations of the class of 2024. It’s college graduation season, and the class of 2024 has one thing in mind as they enter the workforce: a sure thing. 


According to data from campus recruiter Handshake, 76% of graduating seniors rank stability as the top quality they are seeking in their next job. And as Axios reports, that sure thing comes in the form of a government job—the antithesis of entrepreneurship.


Although they are still interested in tech, they are more likely to apply for a safe tech role within the government, particularly at the IRS and Department of Health and Human Services, rather than take the risk of joining a startup tech company or starting their own. 


Although that may seem a bit boring, it makes sense that the Class of 2024, which Axios has dubbed "the bummer generation" because of how COVID-19 disrupted their seminal college years, wants a smooth transition into adulthood with job security, work/life balance, and the ability to live near family and friends.


"They've had to be nimble, adaptable and gritty. I'm not surprised they're looking for something a bit more stable," Christine Cruzvergara, Handshake's chief education strategy officer, told Axios. 

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