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AmiSight 5/29: Commemorating a Decade of Loyalty and Achievement

Yesterday we hit some exciting milestones in the MultiFunding office, and I'd like to make a special post to celebrate. Three of our valuable and indispensable key members hit their ten-year anniversary at MultiFunding: Karin Fortier, Joe McAleer, and Fran Miller. They've all played key roles within this business, and I don't know where I would be without them. Both Karin and Joe came onboard as seasoned professionals, but Fran was fresh out of college, and I'd like to take a moment to acknowledge what a privilege this journey with him has been.


Ten years ago, I interviewed Fran Miller, and when he showed up willing to learn, eager to succeed, and excited to get started, I knew that hiring him would be a fruitful decision. For the first year and a half that he was on the MF team, he sat by my side, listening and observing. We slowly started to increase his responsibility as an associate consultant, and today he's a Senior Director of Business Financing. 


In his 10 years at MultiFunding, he's helped to successfully finance 375 businesses, fueling the dreams of entrepreneurs and helping countless individuals thrive. I've had the pleasure of watching him mature in life and in his career: moving out of his parents home and buying his own house, getting engaged and then married to his incredible partner, and becoming the father of not one but two beautiful and healthy babies. Fran, I'm so proud of you and everything you've accomplished.

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Manny  Balani
Manny Balani
May 29

Fran is a huge asset to your organization. Fran has been very professional to work with in my experience. Keep up the great work!

May 29
Replying to

Your praise for Fran is wonderful to hear! Fran's professionalism and contributions are highly valued here!

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