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AmiSight 12/3: Struggling to Make Decisions With Your Team?

Try Scaling Up’s Business Coach, Bruce Eckfeldt’s, Methods!

Bruce suggests that every team needs 4 key members to be effective. Once business owners become aware of these 4 roles, they can try to balance out the behavior.

Here are the 4 Roles:

1. The Mover

This is the primary role in the discussion as they initiate ideas through questions or suggestions. Movers encourage discussion, debate, and push forward towards a plan. Without this person, teams become stuck.

2. The Supporter

Often the hardest role on the team, the supporter gets behind the idea a mover presents. The supporter needs to be careful though and support the idea only, not just the person. They also provide additional rational behind the idea.

3. The Opposer

The opposer’s job is not to bring up opposition just for the sake of it. They should genuinely make sure that everything is being taken into consideration and that no other opportunities are being missed. All risks and downsides must be fully explored in order to avoid pitfalls.

4. The Observer

The observer maintains a bird’s eye view on the situation. They make sure conversations are staying on track and offer insight into other options and factors that can affect the overall picture.

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