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AmiSight 6/16: What Do Coffee, Airfare, Butter and Eggs Have in Common

Coffee, air fare, butter and eggs… what do these things have in common? Sadly, they are the items that have seen the biggest price hikes as inflation continues to climb. Eggs by 36%, coffee by 29%, butter by 25%, and airfare by 39%. The airfare makes sense- gas prices are astronomical, the desire to travel is high, and workers are hard to come by. But I doubt many of us saw the increasing cost in breakfast and the decreasing cost of TVs and smartphones coming.

Interestingly, inflation on certain products has had different effects in different parts of the country. For example, residents of Tampa, FL have seen higher rates of inflation since house sales are high in the area and the demand for transportation is also high. Conversely, many New York City residents rent and are less dependent on car travel, meaning inflation hasn’t hit them quite as bad yet. I wonder what other odd trends we'll see in the months to come...

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