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AmiSight 6/27: The Toughest Thing to Do During An Acquisition: Stay Calm

Buying (or selling) a business might be one of the most emotional rollercoaster rides of any entrepreneur's journey. A couple of stages to the process will almost always be guaranteed: it will be a rollercoaster, there will be ups and downs, and the cheese will keep moving. To top it off: it's not over till the check clears the bank, and the process can be derailed all the way to the finish line.

We have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs through the buy/sell process at MultiFunding, and if I were asked to give one piece of advice to anybody going through the process, it would be to stay calm!! I guarantee you there will be a couple of dozen times along the way when you want to punch someone in the face, pull out your hair, or even worse, jump off a bridge. So when you hit these emotions, take a walk, have a drink, eat some chocolate or do whatever it takes to calm yourself down. And then, after multiple deep breaths and listening to trusted advisors, decide what to do next.

Financing is one part of the acquisition process. Want to learn more about how it works? Join us for a webinar this Wednesday at noon:

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