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AmiSight 6/7: Travelers Turn to Skiplagged

A recent article in the New York Post discusses how Skiplagging is giving travelers a break from soaring airfares. If you go to, you can often find cheaper fairs by adding a hidden segment to your itinerary that you don't use. You must be careful – no checked bags or your underwear might land somewhere random like Paducah, Kentucky.

I have a confession to make: I am a reformed skip-lagger. I used the site profusely for many years when building MultiFunding, saving tens of thousands of dollars I didn't have. And then, one day early in the Pandemic, a little love letter from American Airlines cited 51 offenses. So if I ever wanted to earn another frequent flyer mile again or retain any status, I had to pay a fine !!

The good news is that we settled, and the economics were in my favor. And faced with the choice of doing it again – it wouldn't even be a question.

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