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Amisight 7/13: A Conversation with the Global Chair of Entrepreneurs Organization

On today’s podcast, I sat down with entrepreneur, coach, mentor, speaker, and author of Leader is not a Title, David Anderson. David started in The White House, working for 2 Presidents, before founding several companies. His current businesses are Off Madison Ave and LighthousePE. David is also the Global Chair of EO (Entrepreneurs Organization). He has shifted his focus to building businesses and sharing his expertise to allow others to learn, grow and prosper.

“Entrepreneurs drive the world's economies, and I want to help as many entrepreneurs as I can reach their full potential. If they reach their full potential, they’re helping their customers, their staff and making their communities and countries better. There’s not a problem in the world that entrepreneurs can’t solve.”

David and I chose to focus on the positives that came out of the pandemic. COVID-19 made the future come a lot faster and forced businesses to change for the better. In a matter of days, entrepreneurs became more efficient and expanded their customer bases past their regional areas. Consumer needs changed, and business owners were there to meet those demands.

I believe that entrepreneurs need to be thinking about what they learned this past year and how they will move forward. Simply going back to how you did things before the pandemic will be a colossal waste. Dave agrees: "If you're a business owner and you can't wait for it to get back to like it used to be, I'm sorry, but I think you're ultimately going to fail because you have to adapt and change or else you’re going to miss the boat. On the other hand, it's an amazing opportunity to reinvent yourself and your businesses for the future.”

Listen Here for all the Insights:

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