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Amisight 9/21: A Chat With The Queen of Branding

"Leading Expert" doesn't come close to describing Deb Gabor's passion for brands. More accurate? Brand Guru. Brand Impresario. Brand Evangelist. She's written the book on branding (twice!) with bestsellers Branding is Sex and Irrational Loyalty. She's the founder and CEO of Sol Marketing, a strategy-led marketing firm obsessed with solving significant business and branding problems for clients in every industry. Companies throughout the world use Deb's Brand Values Pyramid, Ideal Customer Archetype, and "Brand Swagger Questions" to align their teams and articulate their brands to audiences.

Deb and her team at Sol Marketing have introduced her revolutionary brand strategy for organizations ranging from international household names like Allrecipes, The Associated Press, Dell, Microsoft, NBC Universal to exciting emerging brands like hint water and Indagare. As a result, business and marketing organizations regularly call on Deb as a keynote speaker and workshop leader, relying on her as an inspiration for executives to embrace the power of branding to create Marketing That Sells.

Deb is in the business of creating the condition that she calls “irrational loyalty.” This is when customers are so loyal to your brand that they feel like they’re cheating on you if they choose an alternative. This loyalty can endure any problem or crisis that would face the brand. Even when the functional and emotional benefits of the product don’t supersede those of their competitors, you still choose them. This allows those brands to charge a premium for their product and be able to scale very rapidly. For example, when iPhone users have a green text message pop up-most of them cringe. Is it rational to do this? No, the message is still the same, but we still do it. The brand has become part of that person’s identity. “Are you an Apple or PC person? Are you a Coke or Pepsi person?”

How does a company achieve that? Listen Here:

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