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Amisight 9/27: Short Term On-Line Lenders Are Back To Their Old Tricks

Short Term On-Line lenders (and cash advance companies) who like to entice borrowers with quick funding (in exchange for rapid payback) effectively disappeared into cyberspace when the Pandemic started. So let's be clear: they expected their money back from their borrowers but stopped making new loans.

Over the last month, these lenders are rearing their ugly heads again. I regularly get texts and phone calls from lenders offering me "rapid funding" and "low rates." If a small business owner is in a pinch, these offers can be enticing.

If you are in a tough spot, my best advice is to slow down and take a breath. There is usually a better way to solve your problem than taking a quick loan that will almost always have a high interest rate and put you on a treadmill that will be hard to get off of.

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