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AmiSight 9/6: Can Culture Be Operationalized?

This week I had the pleasure of sitting with David Friedman, CEO of High Performing Culture and developer of the CultureWise operating system. David's company helps organizations to create, drive, and maintain high-performing cultures. The principles that David teaches are based on the process he developed while serving as the President of RSI, an employee benefit consulting firm which he grew from 2 employees to a staff of more than 100 professionals.

David starts by describing the progression he witnessed in the CEO mindset. How ten years ago, CEOs thought culture was fluff, but now they understand how influential culture is and how much it impacts organizations. Next, David teaches a particular methodology for how to purposely and systematically create the culture CEOs want by organizing this around an 8-step framework. "When you do these eight things, this is how, as a leader, you intentionally and systematically create a culture."

In this podcast, David tells us the two most crucial steps to creating an impactful company culture. First, he explains that the problem with most companies' core values today is that they are too abstract. "The simple notion is that if we can define in clear terms behaviors that drive success, then create a systematic way to teach and practice those behaviors; they will become internalized and a ritual."

To learn more about how to implement a more meaningful culture for your organization, listen here:

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