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AmiSight 11/7: Learn Everything about Business Acquisition Financing From the SBA Queen

The economic uncertainty we face creates a tremendous opportunity for entrepreneurs willing to see through the clouds and take risks. In this vein, we see a significant uptick in requests for acquisition financing through our network.

Are you thinking about buying a business in 2023? Of course, these are multi-faceted and complex decisions. That being said, one big part of your calculus should understand the pros and cons of different options for financing an acquisition.

I have often said that the SBA is the best-kept secret in government, and this principle is especially true when financing a business acquisition. Want to learn more? We are proud and lucky to have @SBAQUEEN on our team. No one in the country knows more about SBA loans than Lynn Ozer.

Learn about Business Acquisition Financing Tips from the SBA Queen herself, Lynn Ozer, this Wednesday at 12PM, EST. Click here to register.

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