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AmiSight 2/17: Digging Deep and Finding Your Intrinsic Motivation

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

Are you chasing external rewards – a fat salary, great benefits, promotion, and positive feedback – at your job? Or are you intrinsically motivated to find purpose in your work?

Scaling Up coach Mark Miller shared with me this Forbes article, Knowing Your Purpose Is Key To Being Fulfilled And Happy At Work—Here’s How To Find It In Just A Few Steps, written during the heart of the pandemic in 2020 when many employees had more time to be reflective on their lives and careers.

Performance strategist Lauren Garnett writes that who we are as adults are directly connected to the experiences we had as a child. We all have a core emotional challenge related to something we struggled with while growing up, such as not being seen or understood. Garnett explains how to recognize your responses to this challenge and leverage it in your career.

Is your career aligned with your purpose in life? If not, these tips will help set you on a more satisfying path.

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