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AmiSight 3/24: The Incredible Challenge of Staying Levelheaded

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

It’s likely a coincidence that our current “banking crisis” deliberately written in parentheses, falls upon the third anniversary of the world shutting down for COVID.

I encourage everyone to take a minute to think about the challenges we have all faced over the last three years, both at the onset of COVID, and all of the various dominoes that have fallen and will continue to fall.

The most vital skill through all of this is to stay calm and levelheaded. The issue of the day will pass, until we confront the next one. Keep things in perspective, and keep moving forward.

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Tim Tolan
Tim Tolan
24. März 2023

A real meaningful message for us all to read and assimilate. We as entrepreneurs all selected this life of driving our own bus and we must remain focused on our WHY. Stay away from the Main Street media narratives and focus on your business and your loved ones. That’s what matters. Everything else is noise.

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