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AmiSight 1/17: What Did You Learn from The Pandemic?

Today’s AmiSights Podcast guest is Jimmy Walicek, COO (that's Chief Opportunity Officer) for CLUBWAKA. CLUBWAKA hosts regular social sports leagues in major cities across the USA. This was a challenging business to be in during the Pandemic.

My favorite nugget from this Podcast is when Jimmy reflects on what they learned during the Pandemic.

“The Pandemic allowed us to look at how we did things internally. Was it the most efficient use of our time, energy, and money? Covid said you have to change A, B, or C if you want to survive. So while our hand was forced – looking back at it – and feel like we are on the other end of the tunnel, it was a good thing. I hope we can look at ourselves from a good perspective instead of just being myopic.”

You can listen to the conversation here

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