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Ami, thank you for a year full of useful snippets and informational sessions.  I must say that as a small business owner you have made getting through these last 3 tumultuous years a little better!  Thank you for your insight and I look forward to following you in 2023!

Tim K. 

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Ami, you and your team have been the beacon of information and reasonableness for so many of us throughout the pandemic. Your blog provided timely information to guide business owners through the darkness and shut down. Whether the topic was business or personal, your insight is inspirational and valuable! ”Blog on”!!!!! Thank you!


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 I so appreciate your candor and expertise as well as your willingness to share in humility.  Entrepreneurship and business building is challenging -- difficult and frustrating as well as awesome and exhilarating!  Reading your blog is a bite size morsel of reality and insight as to what is going on and how you are navigating it.  I like the insights and wisdom you share as well as some of the useful resources to help us on our individual entrepreneurial journeys.  From one entrepreneur to another... Blessings to you and your team.

Frank L.

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