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AmiSight 1/21: How Mark Cuban is Changing the Face of the Generic Drug Market

If you haven’t already heard, Mark Cuban has launched an online pharmacy. Why does this matter to you? The company is on a mission “to reduce patient’s drug costs by really any means necessary,” it’s CEO says. Usually, I am not a big proponent of business strategies based solely on competing with lower costs, but in this case, Kudos to Mark Cuban.

Making everyday medications people need to live their lives more affordable is always something I’ll support. On the site,, you can buy generic drugs for cost plus 15%. For many, this isn’t just helping them save a buck here and there. Here’s what users on Twitter are saying it saved them:

  • “Just signed up! Prices are great. My medication that I pay $24 for is only $3.50. Thanks, Mark.”

  • “This is huge! What an amazing idea, thank you so much for doing this! We spend 75.00 a month for my wife’s medication and on your website it’s 4.00”

  • “This makes my diabetes medicine only $4.50/month!”

  • “I just checked and the cost of Zofran (anti-nausea) is about $150 less the normal price and even if you have “good” insurance it’s still about $60 less!!”

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