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AmiSight 1/24: Is The World Back To “Normal” Yet?

Last week was a stark reminder for me that we are a far way away from "normal." I traveled to London last week to visit a cousin who is sadly really sick. On the way over the pond, there were 59 people on our airplane. On the way back, there were 63. As a result, there was significant social distancing on the flights – I had about 32 seats to myself each way. Meanwhile, it took about six hours to sort all the testing requirements to get into London and back to the USA.

I stopped in New York on my way home and visited one of our partners. Their office spans the floor of a New York high-rise and is typically bustling with people. It felt like a ghost town. There were less than a handful of folks in the office. The rest were working from home.

While I remain optimistic that we are at the beginning of the end of the Pandemic, it’s going to take a long time for the dominoes to sort themselves out.

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