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AmiSight 1/25: A Conversation with a Scaling Up Coach with Roots in Workforce Solutions

Herb Cogliano spearheads his own advisory practice based on the award-winning books Scaling Up and the Rockefeller Habits. As an international business growth advisor and experienced CEO Scaling Up practitioner, he has learned firsthand what it takes to overcome many business challenges. Herb is pursuing his passion for working with leaders of growth companies to help them create industry-leading strategies and flawless execution within their organizations. What are his tips on what to look for in a coach? First, make sure your coach is bought into your company- do they get excited? Have they been there and done that?

Herb was formerly CEO of Sullivan and Cogliano Designers, a Technology Staffing and Workforce Solutions firm, and in 1993, he founded the Sullivan and Cogliano education business. Sullivan and Cogliano have appeared on the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Company list multiple times. In addition, his firm was a multi-year recipient of the Boston and South Florida Business Journal Best Places to Work Award. This honor recognizes Sullivan and Cogliano achievements in changing the business landscape, in creating a positive work environment that attracts and retains employees through a combination of employee satisfaction, working conditions, and company culture.

It just so happens that this concept is top of many CEOs' minds right now with the talent and employment shortage. So how do companies create a bigger future that's so compelling and purpose-filled that they can retain and grow the people they have? How do companies position themselves as an employer of choice to attract the additional talent they need to fuel their growth? Herb works with CEOs and their senior teams to help answer these questions and bring their vision to life. Does the company need to be offering recognition? Learning initiatives? What about giving employees a seat at the table to create more engagement?

Let Herb tell you his thoughts here:

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