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AmiSight 1/3 : 2022 Is Here and I Am Betting The Glass Is Half Full

Hello 2022 !! And here we are again, facing a world with uncertainty and concern. The Omnicron Variant is spreading like wildfire, and I know so many people who have caught it. This wave is causing pressure and tension across the U.S. and the world as we all struggle to understand what this all means.

I am not a scientist or a doctor. Perhaps I am an eternal optimist. And I am hopeful that this will all be a good thing – the majority of people who catch Omnicron will have mild symptoms, and build immunity. Hopefully we are on the verge of the herd immunity the world has been hoping for.

Am I right ? I don’t know – but I have convinced myself that I am. I can’t look ahead without feeling optimistic. I also don’t think that Omnicron will be the last chapter in the Covid story. But I also know that if I don’t stay positive I won’t be much help to the people around me who rely on me.

So hello 2022!! I am ready for you!! And I hope that all of you are as well.

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