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AmiSight 10/18: Would You Rehire All the People on Your Team Now That You Know Who They Are?

This week on the AmiSights podcast, I interviewed Bill Flynn, CEO of Catalyst Growth Advisors. Bill has worked for and advised hundreds of companies, including startups, where he has a long track record of success spanning multiple industries.

As a coach, besides being connected with MG 100, Women's Business Collaborative, MassMEP, Small Giants, and EforAll, Bill has earned certifications from ScalingUp, Gravitas Impact, Metronome United, Predictive Index, and The Neuroleadership Institute.

Bill embodies his core purpose - simplified servanthood - by spending each working moment to help create a compassionately productive society by enabling enlightened leaders to focus on the few things that truly matter to their teams and key stakeholders. 

One question Bill likes to ask the CEO/Owner is, would you enthusiastically rehire all the people on your team now that you know who they are? Bill has found that the answer is almost always no. So they keep a team that's not always the right team around them, which will inevitably hurt their business. Bill has also found that most leaders believe they know why their best clients buy from them and are often incorrect in their assumptions.

"The essence of coaching is already assuming that the other person has the answers or can get them - and you're helping them find them for themselves, as opposed to giving them the answers that may or may not be correct because they might be correct for you but not necessarily for them. You want to make sure you're working with a coach with a proven approach to things, that there's some science behind it - and the second is, it's got to be a good fit."

To learn how to take the guesswork out of growth, tune in here:

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