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AmiSight 10/25: Do You Need a Decoding App to Understand What Language Your Accountant Is Speaking?

As I have talked about many times in this blog and will continue to emphasize going forward, having current and robust accounting practices in place are critical to every company's success. I thought it was important to support this statement so I decided to partner with Keep Financials & Michelle Galligan to bring you this presentation: Deciphering What Your Accountant is Saying. Our goal is to equip you with an extensive array of resources to fuel your growth.

Michelle Galligan is a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Keep Financials. Her firm provides outsourced accounting and CFO services for small businesses. She serves on various nonprofit boards and operates as a management consultant for several entrepreneurial companies. Michelle founded Keep Financials and started consulting because she saw a series of small businesses fail unnecessarily, mostly because the founders didn't understand their financials and the how and why businesses should take on debt and spend money.

What you can expect to learn:

  • Plain Language Accounting Terminology

    • Demystify complex accounting jargon.

    • Learn how to express financial concepts in simple, easy-to-understand terms.

We hope you will join Michelle for this informative session. Click the button below to register!

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