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AmiSight 11/1: How One Entrepreneur’s CPA Background Affects His Risk Profile

This week on the AmiSights Podcast, I interviewed Noah Rosenfarb. Noah is a 3rd generation CPA that built Freedom Family Office to help entrepreneurs produce predictable income, create their ideal life and build their legacy. He has written four books, took a company he founded public, sold eight companies, and completed over 45 real estate investments.

In this episode, Noah shares the tools, resources, and strategies he's used to become "Rich Beyond Money" – a mantra he encourages others to practice. As a lifelong learner, Noah is an active member of EO South Florida, YPO Global One, Strategic Coach, and Long Angle.

Together, we jumped into our new podcast theme, how entrepreneurs think about risk. Somewhat conservative, Noah called himself a true accountant. "I've always looked at calculated risk, and I've always taken what other people would perceive as risk, but I always mitigated my downside. I prefer using my capital and growing organically. I don't believe more money will make me happier - but less money could make me less happy."

Noah then stressed the importance of having a plan. Those plans would be related to what you want out of business and how that business will grow and achieve success. Think about what you want personally and how all of those will be intertwined with each other. Aligned with his risk profile, Noah likes to have a clear plan.

Tune in to hear how one entrepreneur thinks about risk.

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