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AmiSight 11/10: Is Terminating Employees Over Email OK?

I put a post on my Facebook feed on Friday night that said. "A friend got laid off from Twitter today over email. How toxic is that !!" Much to my surprise, my phone began to blow up with a nasty discussion that followed. Comments on the feed included: Twitter employees deserved it; since the Pandemic, how do you expect people to get laid off, and how do you think they would do a mass lay off in a big company.

I don't buy any of these arguments. I completely understand there will be RIFs. It's sad, but it's business and life. However, the humanity you show for people as you send them out the door will influence the culture of those who remain for decades. A past pandemic is no excuse for this behavior, in my opinion !!!

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Nov 10, 2022

Well said, Ami - kindness counts!

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