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AmiSight 11/19: Having Supply Chain Issues? Over-Communicate with Your Customers !!!

Four months ago, I put a deposit down for new windows for our house. They were supposed to arrive in about a month and be installed a week later. I am still waiting !!

My frustration is with the communication with our vendor – who has been sitting on our deposit all this time. Every few weeks, I call – and leave a few messages. When I finally get somebody, the answer is always the same: there are supply chain issues, and we're waiting for the factory !! When we have something to tell you, we will !!

I would feel much better with a weekly check-in from the vendor, letting me know that they're still waiting and pushing the factory every day to get our product in. As it stands right now, I am left entirely in the dark – and have a poor taste in my mouth. So my suggestion is, that if supply chain issues are impacting your delivery time, do everything you can do to over communicate with your customers !!!

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