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AmiSight 11/22: Some Self Reflection This Morning

Most people I know usually have at least one cause that they are passionate about. It might be a religious or a health cause. Whatever it might be, the cause is often driven by some life experience.

A few months ago, a friend helped me clarify my cause: I love helping small business owners and entrepreneurs be successful. Yes, we keep our lights on at our company and make money by helping business owners get loans – but the real driver for me is helping their business be successful for the long term. I care about the entire entrepreneurial ecosystem – and consider myself blessed that I get to merge my work life with what I am passionate about.

There is a flip side to all of this. There are plenty of businesses helping small businesses and entrepreneurs, but they don't approach the market with the same lens that I do. They might as well be in the widget business. And sometimes, when I interact with these businesses and don't think they're helping small businesses the way I would - I lose my marbles and get angry at them.

I don't know what, if anything, to do about this – but I wanted to share this morning.

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Nov 22, 2021

Ah yes. I understand this all too well. My method for addressing this, I do not like to be angry at anyone, is to admit to myself that I cannot help everyone plus I add that not every business is a fit for what we do. In a market with many competitors we are happy to be different and not a "fit" for all.

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