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AmiSight 11/5: How Big Do You Want to Get, and How Quickly?

As I have built MultiFunding over the past decade, one of my biggest internal struggles has been thinking through how big I want the company to become, how fast, and how much risk I am willing to take in the process.

There is no one correct answer to these tough questions.

Over the past few months, it's been my great pleasure to present my newest workshop, "How To Find Your Growth Lane and Sleep Well At Night," at major conferences across the country.

I am glad to report that the reception has been excellent. At the same time, I don't want this content only to be available to those in attendance, so I will be hosting four virtual sessions over the next few weeks. So please feel free to sign up (it's free) and join us for what I hope will be a worthwhile hour of your time.

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05 nov. 2021

Ami, you have, once again, found a gem topic to share. For many years I added stress to my life to "live up to" the goals of others when it came to business growth. The challenge was harder and more complex due to the fact that it was not what I wanted, wished for or desired. Only until I decided that it was my business and my life did the stress go away. OBTW an added benefit was my business grew. I am looking forward the upcoming sessions.

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