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AmiSight 11/8: What Comes First: The Business Coach or The Methodology?

This week on the AmiSights podcast, we have Angela Kalemis! Angela is a Certified EOS Implementer. She initially began mastering EOS to implement it in her husband's company, but immediately connected to the system and found a passion for helping other business owners.

Angela says she knows the challenges of growing and running businesses and how to powerfully apply the EOS tools to create structure, discipline, and accountability to help leaders get what they want from their businesses and live better lives.

"I love helping entrepreneurs and business leaders figure out how to take their business to the next level. Whether that's growing, scaling, or systemizing it - whatever their goals are, helping them get there. I do so by helping them implement EOS into their business, almost like a coach to their leadership, not individual coaching but to their entire leadership team."

I am often asked for coach recommendations by entrepreneurs (I am a closet coach myself😊). I always advise interviewing different coaches and understanding their styles, methodologies, and approaches before picking the one that's best for you. Angela's philosophy differs from mine. As a die-hard EOS implementor, she argues that you must start with EOS and find a coach in that network that works best for you. We agree to disagree.

Angela believes that once you find the methodology you believe in, the best coach for your organization is based on the right personality fit. "Look for a proven system with proven results, then find that personality match," Angela explains that EOS coaches help entrepreneurs figure out how to build the best structure, put the right tools in place to hold people in the organization accountable and create a vision where everyone in the organization sees where the business is going - and then holds them accountable to execute that vision.

Have a listen to the conversation.

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