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AmiSight 12/6: Chatting With the Founder of the PBS Series "Start-Up."

Join me in welcoming Jenny Feterovich to AmiSights today. Jenny is one of the founders and executive producers for the PBS Series "Start-Up."

Jenny tells us that she immigrated to America when she was only 14 as a part of Operation Exodus. In 1989, she landed in Detroit and said although it wasn’t what she envisioned, she was blessed with opportunities. Now she makes film and TV, which aligns with her life mission: to help people become better versions of themselves through storytelling.

Ten years ago, Jenny was presented with the idea to create a show about small businesses and entrepreneurship in America. Fast forward ten years, "Start-Up" is nominated for three daytime Emmys this year, and 250 firms have appeared on the show. Jenny has spoken to over 1,500 business owners in depth about what it takes to start a business and how they did it - success, failures, and everything in between. "They all carry this quality - that this was what they wanted to do. They were passionate about it, and they were going to get it done. The show's essence is to inspire and educate people to follow their dreams no matter what."

One of Jenny's favorite stories was in season one with Al Bubba Baker, a former NFL linebacker. Al started a BBQ joint in a little town outside of Ohio, and right before the interview, PBS called and said they were pulling the show off the air (everything was sorted out afterward). Sitting in the parking lot, now crying, her business partner said I couldn't go in and do this. Jenny explained that they needed to do this interview no matter what. So after recording a great piece, they edit it, and it goes live. Shark Tank then picks up Al from Jenny's show. Al becomes the most significant investment Daymond John has ever made.

Tune in to find out more about Jenny here:

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Dec 06, 2022

I love Jenny's story!

Dec 07, 2022
Replying to

Thank you for your feedback, Shirley! It was great sharing Jenny's story on this week's AmiSights Podcast.

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