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AmiSight 12/7: Every Entrepreneur Needs a Mentor

Today’s guest is the CEO of the SCORE Association, Bridget Weston. SCORE provides free mentoring and education to current and aspiring small business owners through its network of 10,000 volunteers. Bridget is a respected thought leader in the small business landscape and has testified before the House Small Business Committee and appeared on MSNBC.

So, what does SCORE do, and how can you get involved? SCORE is a resource that helps anyone looking to start or grow a small business. What makes them different is that they do it all with volunteers who have been there and done that. The volunteers, or mentors, have either owned their own business or have a lot of expertise in a relevant area (Accounting, Marketing, Manufacturing, etc.). These mentors create a nationwide network for entrepreneurs who cannot afford a high-priced consultant to help them with their business plans or financial statements. Mentors develop long-term relationships with clients to help them through the lifecycle of their business.

“We want to help create a more even playing field and make sure they have equal opportunity to succeed.”

SCORE is also a resource partner of the SBA. They receive federal funding through a grant from the government and have a foundation to raise money. There are currently 240 SCORE chapters and 1,500 locations. Last year they helped 45,000 people start a business and helped add nearly 75,000 jobs. While SCORE helps all small businesses, their typical clients are Mainstreet businesses (less than ten employees, under $1M in revenue). SCORE helped 82% of those in business stay in business during the pandemic.

You can get involved with SCORE by simply going to their website and applying. Meetings are virtual, not only because of the pandemic but also of being respectful of everyone's busy schedules. There is no set time requirement for volunteers; it all depends on your availability. In the future, SCORE wants to continue to expand its reach into underserved markets.

Learn More About How You Can Help Here:

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