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AmiSight 3/2: It’s Retreat Time: Taking Off For a Few Days

This morning I am waking up in Fort Lauderdale. My Entrepreneurs Organization Forum is getting together here for a few days for some group work, bonding, and self-reflection. It will be great to be together in person finally, and in the spirit of the exercise and the need to unwind a bit, I will take off from posting for a couple of days.

Two quick thoughts:

If you're not in a Peer Group – seriously consider joining one. My Entrepreneurs Organization experience has been invaluable in my growth and development on multiple fronts. So take the plunge and try it.

On a less serious note, here is my fear for our retreat. One of the activities we have planned is taking a boat out and going fishing. So in the spirit of being vulnerable, I will tell you what happened to me last time I tried fishing: I caught a Pelican 😊

I will be back on Monday, friends. I will hopefully be refreshed and ready to rumble.

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