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AmiSight 3/22: A Different Kind of Virtual Team - Efficiency X

I am very excited today to be releasing my podcast episode with Brad Stevens! If you find this conversation and his story interesting, I suggest attending our live event, CEO Mornings, in D.C/Tysons Corner to hear him speak live on March 31st!

Brad is the Founder/CEO of Outsource Access, an offshore virtual services firm he built to over 400 employees in just over two and a half years. It was the only outsourcing firm to win Inc Magazine’s “Best in Business” award for making an impact beyond the P&L. He also co-founded a service called that connects member organizations and conferences at scale. His prior company was in the dental/beauty industry with 8,000 accounts in 18 countries.

Brad has expertise in scaling, automation, outsourcing and high-performance offshore virtual teams. He is a published TEDx Speaker with over 200,000 views on the topic of How Personal Global Economies Are Redefining Entrepreneurship and created the podcast Automate & Delegate - What Should You NOT Be Doing in Life and Business. Brad is also a Member of the Global Entrepreneurs’ Organization currently serving as the EO US East Regional Director for Member Engagement across 22 chapters and nearly 2000 members. Brad has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs and was chosen to run a think-tank at the United Nations for his entrepreneurial expertise and charitable contributions. He has been featured in Inc Magazine, the Wall Street Business Network, and on the cover of Small Business Magazine.

Our conversation focuses around the pros and cons of global outsourcing and how he is trying to flip the script on it by hiring full-time, 4-year college degree, specialized candidates for just under $20K a year.

Concerned about time differences? Cyber-Security? Brad has the answers:

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