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AmiSight 3/23:Thinking About Buying a Business: You Need to Understand How the SBA Can Help You

I wanted to share with my blog community that we are doing a new, 1-hour webinar starting at noon EST today, all about Acquisition Strategy and Financing. Acquisitions are a great way to grow, expand your market reach, and diversify your products/services. They can also be affordable.

You can acquire a business with as little as 10% down and have it financed over ten years with an SBA loan! (25 if it includes real estate!) If you're not sure an acquisition is right for you, tune in, let us know your situation, and we'll give you our honest opinion!

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Mar 23, 2022

Sorry if this post arrived too late to join me today. We will be doing a few more sessions soon. You can register here for future sessions:

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