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AmiSight 3/29: Learning With The Wizard of Supply Chains

Mike Regan is the Co-Founder and CEO of TranzAct Technologies. This global logistics company helps shippers manage their operations and supply chain with their software technology and services. He is also active in several industry organizations, such as the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP), and serves as the YPO/WPO Manufacturing Excellence Network chairman.

Mr. Regan has been a featured contributor and has published several blogs in industry publications such as Logistics Management and has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal and the Journal of Commerce numerous times. Before founding TranzAct, he worked for the Bank of America, PriceWaterhouse, and the Union Pacific Corporation.

What I wanted to know was how did he manage during the pandemic and what is his advice for other entrepreneurs and business owners?

  1. Cash is Oxygen

  2. Stay True to Your Business Model- Don’t Cut Prices

  3. Don’t Take Things for Granted

“Market-wide problems will affect you and your competitors in the same way. Your supply chain issues haven't bitten you in the butt yet because your competitors also have mediocre supply chains. But, if one competitor says I’m going to have a super bowl winning supply chain – you have a problem. Stress-test your supply chain and identify the critical points.” – Mike Regan

Listen To Mike’s Logic Behind Those Points Here:

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Rebecca Schultz
Rebecca Schultz
Mar 29, 2022

Great conversation and insight! Thank you!

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