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AmiSight 3/7: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

A teammate recently gifted me a t-shirt that sums up my entrepreneurial journey thus far…in my defense… I was left unsupervised. My team knows that I can be a bit of a troublemaker, all in good fun, of course, and the culture of our office is a healthy balance of work and play.


Let's face it… Once we make the leap from youth to adulthood, the responsibilities of life can weigh heavy on our minds, especially for entrepreneurs. Running a business, ensuring its success, and maintaining composure throughout it all, are deceptively simple yet difficult tasks. When we stray too far from logic, numbers, analytics, etc., we fail to remain tethered to reality and groundedness. But when we neglect our natural instinct of human curiosity and our desire to create without the pressure of perfection, we forget to enjoy our life and the path we have chosen for it.


Creativity and curiosity are essential to entrepreneurship. For the next few days, I implore you to consider this: while you nurture and tend to the less glamorous side of responsibilities, how can you also practice creativity and curiosity in a way that fuels and grows your passion for your business? How can this help you remain focused and excited about your objectives, and how does it tie into your fundamental core values and mission statement?


I've been happy with everything that entrepreneurship has brought me. I've found passion in helping others and creative ways to do so through what at first may seem like a standard practice. And I've been able to do so because for every moment of focused rationale, I try to leave a little room to let my mind run unsupervised. A witty birthday present ended up being an important reminder to find that balance, and that's what makes it the gift that keeps on giving.

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