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AmiSight 4/16: From Prep to Admission: Ivy Experience's Path to College Success

In this week's edition of the AmiSights Podcast, we talk to Karan Shah, Owner/Director of Ivy Experience, a company that prepares students for their collegiate futures through test prep, tutoring and essay consulting. Karan sheds light on the impact of online learning on the tutoring industry, particularly in areas with limited access to such resources.

“In Philadelphia, New York, LA Chicago, there's a lot of college prep options, but if you go to some more rural areas, there just aren't, right? There aren't many options. There might be one tutor available and they can only handle so many kids, right? So it's really open, the internet has opened up different markets to us that weren't previously open to us before.”

The main topics of today's episode will be:

  • Discuss the benefits and challenges of online learning, particularly in the context of tutoring, and how the internet has transformed the tutoring industry.

  • How having other resources in the beginning allowed Karan’s company to grow slowly without outside financing.

  • How having different, yet complementary, skills from your business partner is beneficial for your company’s success.

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