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AmiSight 4/24: Scaling Your Business to Drive Value Now and for a Future Exit

Join MultiFunding at noon EST this Wednesday with entrepreneur and strategic advisor John Ratliff for a live webinar focused on “Scaling Your Business to Drive Value Now and for a Future Exit.”

Ratliff is CEO of align5 – a consulting company that serves entrepreneurs during all stages of the Entrepreneurial LifeCycle – and Scaling Up Coaches – best known for its One-Page Strategic Plan and other one-page tools and the Scaling Up Methodology which focuses on helping executive teams make the right decisions when it comes to four key areas: people, strategy, execution and cash.

He will walk listeners through 8 Key Value Drivers that can not only build value in their business but that can also position them for an outlier outcome when ready to exit.

The 8 Key Value Drivers which businesses should rate themselves from 1-10 include:

Entrepreneur is Redundant:

How integral are you in day-to-day operations?

Strategic Planning:

Is there a regularly scheduled time for strategic planning by the leadership team?

Customer Concentration:

Is your customer base diversified and able to weather changing trends in market, industry verticals or competition?

Recurring/Predictable Revenue:

Do you have consistent revenue from the same customer group growing in a predictable way?

Systems & Processes:

Are there documented systems in place and does the team follow these systems consistently?

Key KPIs and/or OKRs:

Do you set and track clear company/department goals?

Profitability/Gross Margin:

Is your profitability/gross margin increasing, as a percentage of revenue, as revenue increases?


Are those key statistics communicated to and visible to everyone in the company?

This webinar is part of an ongoing conversation curated by MultiFunding to help small to midsize businesses continue to learn and grow their businesses as a community. Join us here.

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