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AmiSight 4/26: From Generation to Generation: My Experience in Cape Town

Last Friday night, I attended services at the Gardens Shul in Cape Town, the congregation where my parents got married. We went to synagogue there until we moved to the United States when I was eight.

I knew that my grandfather had his name on a seat there, and I hoped to be able to sit in it. I moved quickly to where I thought the seat was as I entered the room. And there it was. The engraving on the seat reminded me that he had sat there from 1952 to 1984. I was able to sit in my grandfather's chair for services.

It is hard to describe this experience. I sat there shaking. I met people who knew my mom and my dad, who passed four years ago. The community my parents decided to leave 46 years ago was still there—just about two-thirds smaller.

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Assaf Gal
Assaf Gal
Apr 26, 2023

This is truly wonderful, Ami! Sounds like a beautiful experience. L'dor v'dor. Stay well and thanks again for getting so many of us through the COVID insanity!

Apr 27, 2023
Replying to

It was amazing! Thank you for the well wishes.

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