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AmiSight 4/29: The Gift of Eyesight

Earlier this week, I had cataract surgery. The outcome is phenomenal: 20/20 vision from an eye that I had struggled to see through for the last several weeks.

This surgery had many emotional links for me. My dad, who passed away about three years ago, was an Ophthalmologist. He devoted his career to taking care of patients and giving them the gift of eyesight. So naturally, as I went through my pre-op exams and was wheeled into the operating rooms, hundreds of memories rushed through my mind.

My mom sent me a text the morning of the surgery that he would be hovering all over me if my dad were still alive. I replied that actually, he was. His friend was my surgeon, and they knew each other very well. Their relationship put me at complete ease and without a worry in the world. There was not a doubt in my mind that I was in great hands. And for all of this, I am enterally grateful on so many levels.

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Glenn Bolt
Glenn Bolt
Apr 29, 2022

Happy to hear all went well with your surgery.

Your note made me think about my Father as well. I was fortunate to work with him for nearly 25 years before we lost him to cancer, and hardly a day goes by that I don’t feel him over my shoulder. It makes me smile because I can hear him saying – “well, you know how I’d do it.”

Thanks for the post.

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