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AmiSight 4/4: Wise Counsel That Came in Handy the Last Few Days

I will never forget in my early twenties when a wise man told me, "Don't waste energy or get upset about things out of your control”. That advice came in handy when multiple canceled flights over the last few days accounted for about 38 hours of wasted time!! And whenever I found myself getting aggravated, I found myself remembering this.

At one of the several rent-a-car counters I was at, a man was yelling at the woman working there because he wasn't happy with his car selection and demanding to speak to the manager. But unfortunately, he hadn't taken the time to talk with her and learn that she was from Ukraine, and many of her family members are affected by the war.

So I admit it, I snapped once during the last few days. I told the guy to back off and be kind. He flipped around and called me an "***hole ." This was my proudest accomplishment over the last few days. 😊

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