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AmiSight 4/5: How To Win the Food Network’s “Great Food Truck Race” and More

This week on AmiSights the podcast, we're sitting down with Daniel Shemtob to talk about his lessons in managing his businesses throughout the pandemic. Daniel has no shortage of entrepreneurial ventures under his belt these days, from food trucks, fast-casual restaurants, fine dining, all styles of catering, and his new footwear brand. His career has propelled him into two Food Network show wins and multiple accolades that have helped further his vision into the world.

He caught his first big break, starting The Lime Truck with $15k and a best friend in 2010 at the age of 20. They quickly got press, long lines, and asked to be on Food Network's "Great Food Truck Race," ultimately winning Season 2. They went from doing $400K their first year to $2.4M the next. Soon after, he launched multiple trucks and brand partnerships, progressing into Brick and Mortar TLT Food (The Lime Truck).

Following the success of their fast-casual stores, Daniel decided to open a high-end restaurant in 2018 called Hatch Yakitori + Bar, a Japanese Yakitori restaurant based in downtown LA and winner of LA Weekly's "Best Yakitori Restaurant.”

Recently, he partnered with Dr. Snibbe for a fully functioning work shoe that blends aesthetics and functionality called Snibbs. The shoe launched after four years of R and D in March and quickly sold out.

In the year before the pandemic, Daniel went big. He bought out all the investors in his fast-casual restaurant, bought two more catering companies to add to his growing catering business, and launched his shoe brand. Then, COVID hit, and their catering business went from doing $250K/month to $30K/month. So what did he do? Close? Pivot?

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